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Sour Grapes

Restaurant in the heart of St Agnes

About the client…

Sour Grapes took us up on their proposal to create them a website, as the only online presence that they had previously was a Facebook Page.  As this was working from scratch, we had a blank canvas to work with.  We worked with their current branding (which is beautiful) to create a site that is simple, elegant and easy to use for the end user.


The initial stage of this website was to outline the key objectives when the user visits.  Most users visiting a website for a restaurant will want to see the menu and the restaurant style/feel.  So we made sure that on landing, the user has an easy way to get to those details.

We created a custom designed page for their “menus” so that is replicated the style of the restaurant menu as much as possible whilst still being easily readable and digestible for the user of the website.  It needed to be clear what they can order.

We also integrated an Events page for the project so that the client can input their own upcoming events and also share these across social media.

The client can now manage their news & events

The client has had extremely good feedback on the site – they can now also log into their own website and manage things such as their latest news and their own events.  This is really important for the valuable SEO benefits that fresh content now offers website owners.

Google uses new and fresh content as a ranking signal – so the more new, relevant content on a website the better for the client.  This is why we now offer this for all of our clients – it’s such a simple yet extremely valuable aspect of our website design packages.