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Jonny on the Job

Recoding the work of Jonny Cowling with our clients

Clients and Pirate FM fans love our loveable local presenter Jonny Cowling.

These productions involve Jonny spending time in various businesses to do some ‘work’ and help with the day-to-day tasks of running our clients businesses. Usually with some high jinx and playful humor.

The example shown here is for one of our favourite clients Bodmin Airfield. We sent our experienced videographer as well as less experienced pilot Jonny Cowling along to Bodmin Airfield and set to work capturing the business.


Shot in a more fun and social sharing style, Jonny on the Job videos are often shot in the first person. They use multiple cameras and team members to deliver a seamless experience as if the viewer were working alongside Jonny. The production is always looking to develop light-hearted mechanisms to deliver engaging and fun content.

As seen in the Bodmin Airfield edit, it is possible for us to capture various assets of each business and client. We work with the client to identify the key products and services that they want to show off and find a way to put Jonny to work.


Over 350,00 video views across media platforms

Jonny on the Job videos are perfect content for the modern socially engaged audience. To date these videos have had nearly a quarter of a million views through Facebook and driven incredible engagement statistics and site traffic for both Pirate FM and the clients for which the productions are created. A combined total of over 350,000 video views across YouTube and Facebook demonstrate the true power and reach of these productions.