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Fabulous St Ives

Clothes & accessories in St Ives

About the client…

Fabulous St Ives had only a Facebook presence before we took on this ecommerce project that would allow them to sell their clothing, accessories, kids toys and much more on their very own ecommerce platform to help with sales for seasonal visitors that could not always visit the shop.


Firstly, we needed to work with their current branding and bring that to life on the website.  They were keen on keeping their “lime” colour for the main part of the branding elements across the site.  We worked to implement this, as well as implement all the usual ecommerce areas for both the client and the end user (visitor to the website).

This project comes to life with the beautiful products that the client offers, and great imagery that we could use really helped bring this site to life.  From the homepage call to action areas for categories right across the brand pages, shop pages and also the products themselves.

A small, independent shop with an ecommerce presence

The client has had extremely good feedback on the site – they can now also log into their own website and manage things such as latest news but also manage their shop products, orders etc.  This is really important for the valuable SEO benefits that fresh content now offers website owners.

Google uses new and fresh content as a ranking signal – so the more new, relevant content on a website the better for the client.  This is why we now offer this for all of our clients – it’s such a simple yet extremely valuable aspect of our website design packages.