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Why video marketing works

Product videos increase sales by 80%

As human beings, our dominant sense is sight – so it’s only natural that we’re automatically drawn to video. Being visually creative with the way we market products, is an excellent way to generate sales.

Anyone can do it

With the rise of video marketing, the ingredients needed to make basic video ad campaigns are becoming increasingly available to get your hands on. Even if you’re making them with a smart phone and a video editing app, it’ll still work to an extent.

Building trust

Arguably the most important part of any marketing campaign is not the image, the text you use or how many people you can target but the trust you create or build on with your past, present and future customers. Video allows customers to absorb more information and see your products as if they were right there with you.

Google + Video = Love

Google loves video! If you are working on your SEO, google will rank sites with videos higher.

Mobile users

Video is easily applied to mobile versions of a website. With over half of all consumers shopping online on a mobile phone in 2016, you’ll want them to be able see your products and services as best as you can. Video allows you to do this, and it looks great on a phone screen.

Get more in

Video allows you to give customers more information, whether you’re explaining a product or more about who you are as a company, when there are attractive visuals attached, people are more likely to keep watching, rather than if the information was put as a simple post chances are people would switch off after a few seconds. This also means video is great for lazy people!

They can be fun

If you’re trying to explain a difficult situation or something that people may not completely be open to or understand very well; animation can work wonders. When you’re watching an interesting visual, you listen to the audio without realising it.

Share share share

People share emotions, not facts. We are more likely to share a video with friends on social media than a photo or post, this is because if we allow ourselves to absorb more information, we are more likely to feel something because of it.


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