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Top tips for businesses new to social media

Having a good social media presence is essential to any business. As well as using it for advertising purposes and therefore increasing revenue; social media can also be used to build a trusting and loyal relationship with customers, which is key to any business wanting to become successful.


You need to create a relationship with customers, one that is going to make them want to come back to your page and like, share, retweet etc…. Whatever applies on your choices of social media. This goes on both parts, you need to engage with your customers, to do this you’ll need to reply to their comments and take the time to care about what they are posting on your page. If they care about your brand, the chances are they will keep coming back, recommending you, sharing your content and therefore it will appear in the newsfeeds of others.

Use social media advertising

To make money, most of the time you will need to spend money, however you don’t need to break the bank. Think about it this way, if you could spend £25 to get thousands of people who were strategically targeted by their age, interests, even marital status – to see your advert and potentially click the link to your website, you would wouldn’t you? That’s what social media advertising does, it puts your advert in front of the right people.
Don’t be afraid of the social media advertising tools that are out there. The trick is to check over what you are posting for any glitches that might stop people from clicking the link such as getting the size of images right or making sure your content is readable on all platforms. Both Facebook and Instagram have an option to click through to an URL which will lead customers to any section of the website you choose.

Be Visual

On Facebook, if you post an image with your post, people are actually 85% more likely to click on it. This works across all social media, this is why it is important to use great images with your post. Now, you may ask; what makes a great image for social media? Think about what would make you want to learn more, or something you would want to share with your friends. It also needs to be clear, fairly decent quality and interesting to look at. Try to include as little text as possible in the actual photo, you will have enough room in the caption for something short and snappy, yet still fairly informative without giving too much away.

Link wherever you can to your website
You are always going to want to link back to your website, so that anyone who sees your post and is interested can browse through what you are offering.


Consistency in everything you do will only help your business. Come up with social media brand guidelines; think about the tone of voice in what you are posting, as well as colours, fonts, types of images etc. You will want to create a certain look so that anyone who see’s one of your posts will immediately know it’s from you before they even click on any link that might be attached. This will also help if you have this same tone through your website as well as if any post you make is connected to a certain page, the same photos used etc. Consistency in posting at the peak times your customers are online will also help.


There are some great websites out there that can help you schedule posts for certain times on your social media such as Meet Edgar or Hootsuite. These can enable you to see when and where you are posting, for example, if you are creating a post you would like young person to see then you will be best off posting early evening, however for the older generation you may want to post during the day.


Look at your statistics; make sure you are constantly checking what’s working and what’s not. What is working for one company may not work for another –there is no specific way to boost your social media reach. If you want to appeal to a certain audience, check out what is working with them. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all have an analytics element built in once you have a business account, which makes it incredibly easy an accessible to see what is happening on your account.


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